Short Review: Libro at Laurelwood

A Food & Vibe Review of Libro at Laurelwood
by Dorje Meta

As a much needed season change graces Memphis, a surge of positive vibes fills the air, heralding the spirits of fun and adventure, or simply nostalgia. Fall indicates a paradigm shift in a town’s mood, but more importantly in its flavors.
Invigorated by the Fall air and a spontaneous thirst for adventure, I hopped on my bike and took to the streets in search of a good time (and some espresso). After a few small stops on my way up Poplar, my pedaling eventually brought me to Libro. I knew they’d been open for some time, but seeing some smiling faces enjoying the cool patio seating with some cocktails was the welcome that sold me on some brunch.
Libro (@libroatlaurelwood) is located inside Novel (@novelmemphis). You read that right, you can have a fine dining experience right inside a classy bookstore!


Once you work your way to the back of the store, doing your best to avoid getting sucked into a book-buying frenzy, you’re greeted by a cozy bar complete with a great selection of beer, spirits and a sexy espresso machine. If you’re anything like me, being immersed in the smell of new books (that should be a Yankee candle, by the way) puts you in the mood for good coffee. But being surrounded by a good looking (and hard working) wait staff puts me in the mood for red wine. Luckily, Libro can deliver on both of those indulgences. My only gripe about the bar is that there are no beers on tap, but it’s a minor one; after all, it’s a bookstore and nothing can be 100% perfect, right?


Their menu is elegant and easy to navigate, and all the options are fitting for the environment. I pulled out my drawing journal and started off with a latte, finishing with several cups of Italian Roast coffee. My waiter, Matt, was superb and made me feel welcome and respected. Everything was extremely clean, the music was superb and the Fall high I was experiencing was turned up to 11.
When my wife got out of class, I had her meet me at Libro for lunch. We sat down for some happy hour wine and a full order of Mare off the menu. The dish was superb, enjoyed amid a dazzling dining area with an excellent view of the bookstore and the dining patio. We topped off our meal with a scoop each of the homemade vanilla gelato.

Go to Libro. Get lunch. It’s simply phenomenal. I am psyched to go back for their breakfast. You can check out their full menu at